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Why personal training and why hire a personal trainer?

A good personal trainer knows you and during training you trust him with your body and soul. The name itself tells you that this is a personal relationship – a connection between the trainer and the trainee. One cannot learn to be a personal trainer; it is something that one has within. The trainer gives away special energy and supplies it to his trainees. The trainer, of course, needs to be professionally qualified and has to be familiar with human anatomy, physiology and psychology as well as principles of exercise. Personal training isn’t only about running and lifting weights, it’s a lifestyle chosen by the individual.

Benefits of having a personal trainer
  • Personal trainer provides expertise
  • Ongoing motivation and support
  • Demonstrate a safe handling and use of machines
  • Tailor-made training sessions
  • Answers to your training questions

Helena Golenhofen

Slavko Papler, professional golf instructor
"Aleš, fitness always seemed dull to me, but under your professional supervision, I am actually enjoying it and look forward to the next workout…

Melita Župevc, member of Parliament
”Aleš simply doesn’t accept the known excuse – today I’m just not in the mood. As a trainer he knows how to motivate someone with his good mood, useful advice and, most of all, a lot of energy…

Maja Šušnjara Gabor, make-up artist
"I tend to choose nearly impossible goals for myself. I am therefore never bored, with plenty of challenges out there for me. Out there is also a great support team led by Aleš…