Nutritional consulting and education

Nutritional consulting and education

Ask nutritional consultant dr. Polona Prohinar. After graduating from the University of Ljubljana, dr. Prohinar earner her doctoral degree in Microbiology at the University of Iowa in the US. After years of research on infectious diseases and immune system, dr. Prohinar further expanded her knowledge and experience in nutrition. She is particularly interested in role of nutrition in maintenance and improvement of health.

Proper nutrition is vital for maintaining healthy body, optimal body weight and for covering energy and nutrient needs of physical performance.  Proper nutrition emphasizes high-quality foods, variety and balance among food groups. Different individuals have different metabolic needs so one diet cannot suit different people. In addition, nutritional demands of different sports differ significantly. The goal of proper nutrition isn’t simple replacement of used calories. These calories need to be nutrient-dense in order for our bodies to sustain optimal physical performance, endurance and resistance to stress. Inappropriate nutrient intake may result in suppressed immune functions and in many athletes in frequent infections.

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