1. Helena Golenhofen

2. Slavko Papler, professional golf instructor
("Aleš, fitness always seemed dull to me, but under your professional supervision, I am actually enjoying it and look forward to the next workout. You also have a very good sense of recognizing the current condition of an individual and you adjust the whole training accordingly. Your dedication to this work and your desire to make it pleasant and to make progress simultaneously is the final touch.”)

3. Melita Župevc, member of Parliament
(”Aleš simply doesn’t accept the known excuse – today I’m just not in the mood. As a trainer he knows how to motivate someone with his good mood, useful advice and, most of all, a lot of energy that he puts into each workout with his client. Goal – training – success. That’s what my collaboration with Aleš was like. Excellent!”)

4. Vesna Pfeifer, editor of Zadovoljna.si

5. Maja Šušnjara Gabor, make-up artist
("I tend to choose nearly impossible goals for myself. I am therefore never bored, with plenty of challenges out there for me. Out there is also a great support team led by Aleš, who convinced me and proved that anything is possible. In a great company, with expert advice, guidance and above all, the right approach to exercise, even Fitness studio becomes a fun and enjoyable place. I can guarantee that working out with a personal trainer as talented as Aleš is considerably more efficient and entertaining compared to working out alone. Be it for general well-being, better physical strength and fitness or weight loss, having a personal trainer is an investment I recommend to everyone. Let me also use this opportunity to thank you, Aleš, for helping me be Nr.1 on my Day D")

6. Jeremy Hibbins, direktor

7. Tomaž Zorger, direktor

8. Špela Grošelj, pevka in voditeljica

9. doc. dr. Meta Zagorc, plesna gurujka